This Is The World’s Largest Ice Rink. Wow!

Get your skates on.

The Rideau Canal – Ottawa, Canada.

The Rideau Canal - Ottawa
The World’s largest ice rink
Photo Credit: International Traveler

It’s official! According to Guinness World Records, the world’s largest naturally frozen ice rink is in Ottawa – the nation’s capital – boasting an ice surface that’s the equivalent to 90 Olympic-sized rinks. It is 4.8 miles long and has a total maintained surface area of 1.782 million ft².


Incidentally, the largest synthetic ice rink is:

Moscow’s Ice Rink Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNKh)

The VDNKh ice skating rink, Moscow
The World’s largest synthetic ice rink
Photo Credit: World Record Academy 

The World Record Academy announced that the VDNKh skating rink is the world’s biggest arena with synthetic ice. Thereby stripping Mexico City’s skating rink of its title held since 2008. The VDNKh skating rink stretches out over an area of 20,549 square meters and can accommodate more than 4,500 skaters simultaneously.