Everything you need to know about Airbnb Plus.

Airbnb has expanded their network to include hotels and luxury properties. 

Bird Island, Placencia, Belize Airbnb
Bird Island, Placencia, Belize, Airbnb

In their newest update, Airbnb has expanded their already large network to include hotels and luxury properties, as well as much more. We’ve outlined the top 9 things for you to take away from this news.


Eco Bamboo Home, Bali Airbnb
Eco Bamboo Home, Bali, Airbnb

1. New luxury tiers have been added to the popular accommodation site. “Beyond by Airbnb” and “Airbnb Plus”. This is in the hope of attracting new high-end customers that may have previously been against the idea of staying in someone else’s house.


2. Airbnb Plus homes are unique as they are inspected in person by members of Airbnb. To ensure cleanliness, comfort and design along with a dedicated support team.


3. Beyond by Airbnb is a standalone site based on the company’s acquisition of Luxury Retreats. It will offer new high-end properties. Including many optional more refined services, bringing with it world-class hospitality when it launches in spring.


4. A new scheme of “superguest” is to reward regular and highly rated customers. The loyalty programme will join Airbnb’s existing “superhost” programme. Superguests will get discount benefits and airport pickups privileges as well as flight upgrades and lounge access.


5. However, not everyone is going to be happy. Competitor sites such as Expedia and Booking.com will feel significant blows as the new and improved platform will undercut their commissions taken from hotels.


6. The Possibility for social stays such as weddings, honeymoons, group getaways and dinner parties are expected to be introduced later this year.


7. Introducing Airbnb Collections! Another new addition where homes can be grouped depending on your travelling needs. Making it even easier than ever to find what you are looking for. Airbnb for Families and Airbnb for Work to name but a few.


8. More site ‘refining’ can be expected as the company’s CEO, Brian Chesky states “the platform has grown to include 4.5m places to stay, making it difficult to find what users were looking for.”


9. All new additions point to a shift towards a full-service travel-booking company. So we can expect more updates with the idea of one site for all your travel needs in mind.


All in all the new features look amazing! Airbnb has given travellers more unique choices and allowed another level of tailor-made experiences ready for everyone in one place.

Penthouse in central Cape Town, South Africa Airbnb
Penthouse in central Cape Town, South Africa