10 Incredible Ice Hotels To Add To Your Bucket List

Check in to some of the coolest places to stay on earth!

1. Schneedorf Igloo – Austria

Schneedorf Igloo – Austria
Schneedorf Igloo, ice hotel in Austria
Photo credit: Oetz_Scheneedorf

Want to experience a new type of adventure? The snow village, Austria’s first igloo village sits in the heart of the Alps, with ice-cold accommodation at a dizzying 2,000m above sea level. In recent years the igloo hotel has moved to a new location on the mountain, meaning the village can now be accessed regardless of the weather conditions.

2. Eskimska Vas – Slovenia

Eskimska Vas, Slovenia
Igloo Village in Slovenia
Photo credit: Pinterest

The Igloo hotel (Slovenia) was built as part of the Igloo Village. It includes two igloos for 8 people and two special, romantic igloos for couples. The temperature in the igloos is a chilly 0 to 4 °C. The beds are made of blocks of snow, which are covered with an insulating material.

3. Hotel of Ice – Romania

Hotel of Ice, Romania
Romania’s Hotel of Ice
Photo credit: Untravelled Paths

The Hotel of Ice was the first of its kind in Eastern Europe. The hotel is spectacularly sited next to Bale Lake high in the Carpathian Mountains. Cross-country skiers are able to take the famous Transfagarasan Road to reach the hotel.

4. Jukkasjäroi Ice Hotel – Sweden

Jukkasjäroi Ice Hotel – Sweden
Jukkasjäroi Ice Hotel in Sweden
Photo credit: Ice Hotel  365

Icehotel is a world-famous hotel and an art exhibition made of ice and snow. Founded in 1989, it is the worlds longest running ice hotel, reborn in a new guise every winter. Now alongside the classic Icehotel experience. ICEHOTEL 365 is a permanent structure that will include luxury suites.

5. Kemi Snow Castle – Finland

Snow Castle Hotel, Finland
The Snow Castle Hotel in Finland
Photo credit: Where To Travel Today

Pure white snow walls surround the gigantic Snow Castle, which is built entirely out of snow and ice made from seawater. The first ever Snow Castle was built in the city of Kemi in 1996 as a present to all the children in the world. In 2017 the Snow Castle of Kemi took part in celebrating the 100 years of independence in Finland.

6. Hôtel de Glace, Quebec – Canada

Hôtel de Glace, Quebec
Hôtel de Glace in Quebec, Canada
Photo credit: Luc Rousseau

Canada’s Hotel de glace is the first and only true ice hotel in North America. It describes itself as a ‘unique hotel experience, a gastronomic adventure and a source of family entertainment and urban culture and sports’. Also complete with its own Jägermeister ice bar, outdoor spa, a 60-seat restaurant and even a maze.

7. Arctic Resort Kakslauttanen – Finland

Arctic Resort Kakslauttanen, Finland
Glass igloos at arctic resort Kakslauttanen, Finland
Photo credit: kakslauttanen

At the Arctic Resort Kakslauttanen in Finland, you can stay in a (warm) igloo with a glass roof so you watch the Aurora from your bed. Or you also have the option to stay in a (cold) igloo. Kakslauttanen is about 250km north of the Arctic Circle.

8. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Alta – Norway

Sorrisniva Igloo, Norway
Sorrisniva Igloo ice hotel in Norway
 Photo credit: The Independent 

This vast single-structure igloo in Finnmark is constructed each winter. Complete with an ice bar, ice chapel, intricate ice sculptures, which include tables, chairs, fireplaces, plus bedrooms where the temperature is a steady -4C to -7C. Both snowmobiling and husky safaris are offered during the chilly winter days, while a heated restaurant and sauna are close by when the cold gets too much.

9. Igloo Hotel, Grandvalira – Andorra

Igloo hotel in Andorra
Igloo ice hotel in Andorra
Photo credit: Grandvalira

The Grandvalira Iglú Hotel at 2,350 meters, found at the heart of the Grau Roig sector, provides unique and exclusive accommodation, unrivaled in southern Europe. It is completely surrounded by nature and has breathtaking views over the slopes. This establishment is made from 100% snow and has a bar, terrace, restaurant and 5 rooms.

10. Kirkenes Snow Hotel – Norway

Kirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway
Kirkenes Snow Hotel in Norway
Photo credit: Fjord Travel Norway 

At Kirkenes Snow Hotel they say: ‘snow is often described as something negative when snow is falling in larger European or American cities society stops completely and traffic is in chaos. We consider snow our friend’. Its walls are over 70 inches thick and while its temperature is stable at -5 degrees, their polar sleeping bags are able to withstand up to -35 degrees, keeping you snug.